Pain Management Program

Pain/Comfort Management

I am certified in hypnosis for pain management using the Ron Eslinger method. These techniques are powerful and have been used for a variety of problems including headaches, migraines, neck and back pains, orthopedic injuries, phantom limb pain, fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), and others. The session structure is different for pain management because the approach we will use may need to be different.

We will book two sessions together in one week. The first session will be used to gather information, discuss what you want to work on, and teach you techniques that will help you become more comfortable. This session will take two hours. The second session will be two to three days later and will be used to reinforce the information discussed on day one as well to strengthen the effects of the learned techniques. The second session will also take two hours. At the end of this session we will book session three for one to two weeks later.

During the third session we will discuss your progress, and further strengthen the techniques that you have been using. This session may only require an hour though a second hour will be available if needed. At the conclusion of the third session we will have a discussion and determine if there is any need for a fourth session.

Each session will be used to teach you techniques that you can use to manage your comfort yourself. The more you practice these techniques the more powerful they will become. My objective is to help each client reach the stage where they do not need further sessions to achieve the comfort level that they would like to have. The greatest success will be achieved when you take part in each session and practice the techniques you will learn on a routine basis.

I also want to emphasize that my pain management program is not a substitute for medical treatment. Though these techniques will help you achieve comfort they should be utilized after you know that your discomfort is not a sign of a problem requiring medical attention