How a Session Works

A first-time session is two hours long. The first hour will be spent having a discussion that will allow us to discuss your goals. This discussion will also allow us to review some background information and identify any related issues that may have caused difficulty with achieving your desired goals in the past. After our pre-talk the second hour of the session will be spent in a hypnotic state. This time will be used to guide your subconscious mind so that it aids you in achieving your goals.

Any subsequent session will likely be an hour long with a brief pre-talk to review your progress and then the remainder of the session will be in a hypnotic state to further help towards your goals. A repeat session will be scheduled for an hour with the ability to add a second hour if it is needed.

I want to emphasize that my objective is to take whatever time is necessary to help you achieve your goals. I will not seek to bring you in for more sessions than you need. My process involves teaching you the skills you need to help yourself as you go along. All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis. If you take the process seriously and practice the techniques that you will learn in session then you will acquire the ability to guide your own subconscious mind without needing a hypnotist. You will be able to do further work towards your goals successfully on your own.